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Watsky —"Knots"

In this amazing song, George Watsky tells the troubled story of Artur Rubinstein, a Polish pianist, and the conflict he lived under the circumstances in which talent and success did not bring him the expected happiness. The animations embody the story told by the lyrics with unique illustrations, strong visuals, abstraction and symbolism.Knots is part of Watsky's "Lovely Thing Suite", a series of 4 music videos from his album “X Infinity”. Watch them all in the link below:
Lovely Thing Suite
Diego Huacuja &
Carlos López Estrada
Diego Huacuja
2D animation
Pablo Díaz
Carlos Miguel
Enrique Sañudo
Alberto Bala
Jesus Vargas
supporting animation
Cris Lugo
Diego Huacuja
Diego Huacuja
Production Company
Little Ugly