Print Design

from friends to basa

In 2018 we turned 8! It’s not a lot, but it’s not a little.
“8” for Basa’s 8 years. And because of that, we invite different artists to create something with the 8. Each interpretation is magical. Each artist add a beautiful escence of them and Basa. We where very thankdull for all of them that commint with the project and give us something to remember. Thank you Jesús Vargas, Enrique Sanudo, Cris Lugo, Emilia Schettino, Daniela Espinosa, Violeta Hernández, Jorge Alderete, Alejandro Magallanes, Sebastien Touache, Jorge Alderete, Luis Safa, Oscar Rodriguez, Abraham Bonilla, Iván Mayorquín, Gabriela Badillo and Diego Huacuja.