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netflix: Taco chronicles (s1)

This new Netflix documentary series "Taco Chronicles" was created by Pablo Cruz (Gloria Content) and directed by the amazing documentary director and our friend Carlos Perez Osorio.We were invited to create all the graphic and animated content of the series from logo, titles and animated insertions. This series will make you want to eat tacos forever. ¡Provechito!
Taco de Barbacoa
Taco de Pastor
Taco de Carnitas
Taco de Canasta
Taco de Asada

We get inspiration from all comandas in the taco world. They have this unique and simple design that gives a punch in the face to all fancy menus of other kind of restaurants. They are just awesome! And we wanted to take the same idea to create all the package design for the series.
The lower thirds we created to present all the experts and guests interviews, wanted to show them if they are another kind of Taco. Their stories are amazing and you just can't stop watching and want to know more and more. Just like a taco, you always want more!

Production Company
Gloria Content
Diego Huacuja
Jesús Vargas
Emilia Schettino
Alberto Bala
Eduardo Moya
Daniela Espinosa
Diego Huacuja
Eduardo Moya
Alberto Bala
Jesús Vargas
Daniela Espinosa
Project Manager
Melissa Lopez Ley
Igor Figueroa / Mono